🏚 The First Day Edition


I’m writing this first bit on the afternoon after the last edition, the first official, full day of furlough quarantine. It’s been a bit slower than I would’ve hoped. I slept in until 9, which was probably much needed, given how exhausted I’ve been lately, and maybe having one too many beers, but hey, I just got furloughed so give me a break. 

After making some espresso for my significant other (she thankfully still has a job) and my myself, I meandered around the house, as I tend to do most mornings, before taking Bruce Wayne for his morning walk. The walk was much longer today, which was quite nice since I had the time. I’ve been occasionally dipping in and out of two audiobooks for the last six months, so I decided to put Ryan Holiday’s Stillness is the Key on the AirPods as we explored the nearby park. 

I got around to reading some comics, Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern and Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers + New Avengers, but mostly scrolled through the news on my phone to pass the time in the morning. After lunch, I settled on my next two books to read, first Static Run, the third book in the Voidwitch Saga from Corey J. White, which I already owned on kindle, and then since that’s more of a novella, I rented Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, from my local library through Libby and queued it up on my kindle. 

We ended the day with an episode of Avenue 5, we haven’t been thrilled with it, but couldn’t settle on any other show and it has seemed to get better as we get further into it, and then rewatched Dodgeball, once of those classics from the early-mid 2000’s. 

I imagine the next couple days are going to be a lot of the same as I get into a groove. I’ve been getting in some Peloton rides, although I’m probably going to temporarily pause my membership to save a little moolah (every penny counts) and I’ve got plans to do things around the house, between cleaning, going through junk, organizing, and grocery shopping, I should be able to keep myself pretty busy these next couple of days. I’ve already been dipping into some job postings so I might get around to applying earlier than I originally planned. 

It’s going to be weird having a weekend now. My SO and I have already been quarantined and working from home, but now I guess it’s no longer really a weekend for me, but still is for her. Weird times. 

As I’m wrapping this up now, it’s Friday morning, and Waxahatchee’s new album St Cloud was released. I highly recommend it after listening through a couple times already. I’m working on an album review for TIV that will probably be done sometime next week. 

Anyways, have a peaceful and healthy weekend. I’ll be back early next week with a curated Links Ahoy edition for this past week.